30 Foot Fiberglass Flagpole

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Full Product Details of our American-Made 30-foot Fiberglass Flagpole:  


Elevate your patriotic spirit with a flagpole that stands tall in the face of the elements. Our American-made 30-foot fiberglass flagpoles create striking permanent flag displays, ideal for offices, schools, and government buildings ranging from three to five stories in height. Crafted with a durable gel-coated finish, these flagpoles maintain their pristine appearance against the harsh sun, moderate to high winds, and various other environmental challenges. Showcase your pride with a flagpole that not only represents strength and durability but also enhances the aesthetic of any setting. Invest in a flagpole that's as enduring as your patriotism, and let your American flag fly high and proud, come rain or shine. 


  • Flagpole height extends to 33', with 3' embedded into the ground 
  • Rated for 170 mph unflagged, or 130 mph, with a nylon 5' x 8' flag 
  • Butt diameter of 5.1", tapering 1/16" each foot until it reaches 2.75" at the top 
  • Flagpole shaft back by a 20-year warranty 
  • Wall thickness .18"  
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A. 


Why Buy a 30-foot Fiberglass Flagpole from Carrot-Top?  


Carrot-Top's American-made fiberglass flagpole will create enduring flag displays that are practical for many public settings. Unlike less durable flagpole surfaces, its handsome glass-coated white finish will never rust or corrode; its white surface will remain shiny and new-looking even after years of exposure to harsh sun and wind. Also, since fiberglass is a non-conductive material, it will never attract lightning, making it a safer alternative to playgrounds, parks, and areas with many children. Create enduring flag displays anywhere when you purchase our American-made fiberglass flagpole. This flagpole kit has everything you need to install your fiberglass flagpole today.  



Additional Information for our 30-foot Fiberglass Flagpole: 


Please read the following information if you are serious about ordering a 30-foot fiberglass flagpole. Below is essential information on how to prevent damage to your new flagpole.  


Shipping your fiberglass flagpole 


Most commercial flagpoles, including the robust 30-foot fiberglass models, are shipped via freight to ensure their safe arrival. Upon placing your order with Carrot-Top, you will receive comprehensive guidance on how to receive your flagpole properly. Please inspect the flagpole and accompanying accessories for any potential damage, such as scratches, dents, or defects, at delivery time. We advise you to refuse the delivery and immediately contact our Flag Pros for assistance if you encounter any issues. Avoid storing your flagpole in its corrugated packaging to prevent permanent staining. For further details on delivery and installation, please consult our Flagpole Delivery and Installation Guide


How to install a 30-foot fiberglass flagpole 


Your purchase of a 30-foot fiberglass flagpole from Carrot-Top comes with detailed installation instructions to ensure a seamless setup. For convenience, these instructions are also accessible online through our American-Made Fiberglass Flagpole Instructions. By following these guidelines, you can confidently erect your flagpole, creating a lasting and dignified display of your flag. 


Other Fiberglass Options and Sizes 


Carrot-Top sources and delivers the highest-quality flagpoles so that you can reliably demonstrate your patriotism. Fiberglass flagpoles keep a shiny and clean surface through extended periods of high winds and rain, making them a stately option for schools, offices, and official government buildings near the coast.  


Wanting to make a stronger statement? Our 35' fiberglass flagpole creates grand patriotic statements in front of buildings five to seven stories. Order fiberglass flagpoles as large as 50' online, or fill out Contact Us Form for additional options.  


Interested in a smaller flagpole? Our 25' American-made fiberglass flagpole will perfectly complement any multi-level home or building up to three stories. Our fiberglass flagpoles also come with a hinge or shoe base, making installation and removal a breeze if you anticipate inclement weather. View our fiberglass flagpole category page for the full list of base and height options available for order online.  


Every Flagpole Needs a Flag 


For a flag that matches the durability of our fiberglass flagpoles, the 5' x 8' Patriarch® Polyester U.S. Flags are unrivaled, especially in high-wind areas. Their heavy-weight spun polyester material withstands prolonged exposure to harsh conditions, ensuring the American flag remains vibrant and intact. For locations with less wind but requiring all-weather resilience, the Beacon® Nylon American Flags offer stunning displays.  


Additionally, flying a 4' x 6' state or POW/MIA flag alongside the American flag not only enhances the visual appeal but also signifies a deeper respect and acknowledgment of our nation's heritage and the sacrifices made for freedom. These combinations ensure your display remains dignified and striking, underlining the importance of the message each flag represents. 


Elevate Your Display with American Excellence  


At Carrot-Top Industries, we take pride in offering an extensive collection of made-in-the-U.S.A. flags, flagpoles, and accessories to meet every need. Our inventory goes beyond durable fiberglass flagpoles to include top-rated, U.S.A.-made aluminum commercial-grade flagpoles and various secure mounting options for your fiberglass flagpole. If selecting the perfect flagpole for your building seems daunting, our Flag Pros are here to assist. With over 70 years of combined experience, they have the expertise to guide you through our vast selection, ensuring you find exactly what you need. Trust in Carrot-Top Industries for all your flag and flagpole needs, where quality and customer satisfaction fly high. Start your journey to a perfect display by filling out our Contact Us Form today!  

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