3' X 5' 19Th Amendment Flag

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The 19th Amendment Victory Flag's gold, white and purple stripes, with 18 purple and 18 gold stars, represents the process of passing the 19th Amendment to gain the right to vote for women across the United States. Many will buy this flag to use in the 2020 anniversary celebration of the 19th Amendment ratification.

  • 3' x 5' flag made of 70 Denier Polyester
  • Display on outrigger pole or small in-ground flagpole
  • Can hang flag alone or under a 4' x 6' flag
  • Not meant for long-term use
  • Flag has header, two grommets, two rows of stitching all the way around
  • Imported
  • For more information see below

Why Buy the 3' x 5' 19th Amendment Victory Flag from Carrot-Top Industries?

The 3' X 5' 19th Amendment Victory Flag can be used to celebrate the anniversary of when the 19th Amendment was passed. Also known as the National Women's Party Flag, this flag is made of imported 70 Denier Polyester and contains three stripes (gold, white and purple) with 18 purple stars at the gold stripe and 18 gold stars at the purple stripe. As the 19th Amendment made its way through the approval process, the National Women's Party (NWP) sewed a star on their ratification banner after each state ratified the 19th amendment. They needed 36 states to ratify the amendment leading to a total of 36 total stars on the Women's Suffrage Flag.

The 19th Amendment Victory Flag is often purchased by towns, cities and political affiliations with many of them purchasing these flags for the 2020 anniversary celebration of the 19th Amendment ratification. This flag can be displayed on an outrigger pole or a small in-ground flagpole on its own or under a 4' x 6' flag. This flag is not meant for long-term use since it is not made of our normal strong polyester material. The National Women's Party Flag is finished with a header and two grommets and has two rows of stitching all the way around.


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