2.5x4 Ft. American Flag with Pre-mounted Pole Set

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Full Product Details of Our Metropolitan™ 2.5’ x 4’ American Flag with Pole:


Decorate your streets with the striking hues of Old Glory by choosing our Metropolitan™ 2.5’ x 4’ American Flag with Pole Kit. This ensemble, featuring our distinguished Beacon® Nylon American Flag alongside a robust flagpole, transforms your city and parking areas into vivid displays of the nation's pride. Showcase your community's patriotic spirit with ease thanks to these pre-assembled, top-quality flag sets! 

  • Recommended for displays 12' above the ground, on power or light poles 
  • Includes a signature 2.5' x 4' Beacon® Nylon U.S. flag pre-attached to a 5' flagpole using two flag collars 
  • Usable on fluted-design light poles 
  • Flagpole comes in four stunning designs to match your surroundings 
  • Bracket is not included
  • Please get in touch with your town's ordinance to learn their rules for displaying flags on city streets 


Why Buy Our Metropolitan™ 2.5’ x 4’ American Flag with Pole Set?


Show off your city's patriotic spirit with our Metropolitan™ 2.5' x 4' Pre-Mounted American Flag Set. These easy-to-assemble sets will transform plain city streets into patriotic gathering places by adding an elegant American flag to any street pole.


Each set comes with nearly everything you need to decorate your city with the spirit of America. Components include our signature Beacon® Nylon American Flag, a high-quality 5' flagpole, and two flag collars for mounting your flag.


The Beacon® Nylon American Flag is renowned for its durability and vibrant display. The flag dances gracefully in the breeze while its colors remain vivid against the elements — sun, rain, or anything in between. With brass grommets and a canvas header already affixed to our easy-to-mount flag collars, setting up is a breeze. 


Customers who purchase this 2.5’ x 4’ American flag with pole kit will find many customization options. Choose from wooden or robust aluminum poles, available in either a sleek silver or a wood-grain finish that combines the timeless beauty of wood with the resilience of aluminum. These poles are designed to rotate with the wind, preventing your flag from being stuck around the pole. For those preferring a more traditional display, Carrot-Top offers wooden flagpoles with a matching topper that do not spin or rotate. 


Transform your city's atmosphere with these symbols of the American spirit, designed for durability and effortless elegance. 


Additional Information Regarding Our Flagpole Options 


Our Metropolitan™ 2.5’ x 4’ American flag and pole kit is available in four distinct flagpole choices. Select the finish and ornamentation that best integrates with your setting for a flawless match. Choose between traditional wooden poles and silver spinning aluminum poles, 1" in diameter, to fit into most brackets.


  • 5' silver spinning pole with gold ball top 
  • 5' silver spinning pole with silver ball top 
  • 5' wood grain spinning pole with gold ball top 
  • 5' one-piece solid wood pole with wooden ball topper 


Decorate Your City with Our Pre-Mounted Flag Sets! 


Our pre-mounted flag sets come in various sizes to best meet your needs. Please continue reading to learn more about our related products, or contact our Flag Pros for help choosing the correct set and bracket.


Other pre-mounted U.S.A. flag sets


Metropolitan™ 3' x 5' pre-mounted flag sets create beautiful displays when hoisted 15' above the street. We recommend 2' x 3' pre-mounted flag sets for a smaller but equally elegant American flag display, perfect for hanging 12' above your street.


Compatible brackets


Our Metropolitan™ 2’ x 4’ American Flag with Pole set includes a 1" diameter flagpole compatible with most of our fixed or adjustable brackets. We recommend affixing the bracket with stainless street bands to attach the flag set to your street pole. Our stainless-steel flagpole brackets, multiple-purpose flagpole brackets, and adjustable brackets create sturdy, commercial-grade flag displays perfect for your city or organization.


Other pre-mounted flag sets 


We can attach any 2' x 3', 2.5' x 4', and 3' x 5' to your flagpole, eliminating the hassle of manual assembly. Just fill out our Contact Us Form to ask about our pre-assembly services. 


Don't Hesitate to Contact our Flag Pros! 


Carrot-Top carries various flags, flag kits, flagpoles and accessories, providing our customers with endless possibilities. When it comes time to replace your American flag in your Metropolitan™ Pre-Mounted Flag Set, order your new Beacon® Nylon American Flag with Carrot-Top today. For additional information, kindly complete our Contact Us Form, and a Flag Pro will return your inquiry! 


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