What Do the Blue Star Flag Banners Mean?

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Families have long used service flags to represent an active duty family member serving in war. Hung in a window or other highly visible area, they are a symbol of honor and pride for loved ones seeking to highlight the brave servicemen and women that keep America safe. Continue reading our blog for a deeper understanding of the history and meaning behind Blue Star Service Banners, plus learn where you can purchase high-quality Blue Star Flags and Banners today!


What is the History of the Blue Star Service Flag?


The Blue Star Service Flag also called a service flag dates back to 1917, when Army Captain Robert L. Queisser of the 5th Ohio Infantry designed the emblem to recognize his two sons serving in WWI. Soon, the Blue Star Service Banner gained popularity with other families with children serving on the front lines and it became common to see these flags adorned on houses everywhere. With the onset of WWII, the Department of Defense issues guidelines stating manufacturing specifications for all service flags, including who could fly it and when. These rules including guidance for wearing the Service Lapel button. The original directive from Congress on the display and use of the flag was updated in 1970, and the current specifications for the Blue Star Service Flag were enacted. These stated that the banner should be 8.5”x14” with a white field, red border, and blue star sewn in the middle. It is still common to see Blue Star Service Flags displayed in the windows of families seeking to honor their military service members.


How Are Service Banners Used Today?


While the origins of service flags dates back to World War I, they are still significant today. Every blue star located within the banner signifies a member of the household serving in the military. Whether it was for World War II, the Vietnam War, the Korean War or brave men and women currently serving in Iraq or other military bases across the world, military families still use Blue Star Service Flags or banners to signify their dedication and sacrifice, hanging them in windows or wearing the Service Lapel Pin. 

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Blue Star Flag Banners FAQ 

Continue reading for answers to the most frequently asked questions related to Blue Star Service Flags and banners.


1. Who is Allowed to Display Blue Star Service Banners?


Only Blue Star Families are allowed to display Blue Star Service Banners in a window of their residence. According to the DoD, this includes immediate family members such as wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, step-parents, brothers, and sisters. 

2. What is the Difference Between a Blue Star and Gold Star Family?


While the banners may look similar, a Blue Star Family and Gold Star Family are not the same. Blue Star Families are anyone with an immediate family member serving in the armed forces, while a Gold Star Family are the immediate family members of a fallen service member who died during a time of conflict. 

3. What is the Proper Way of Displaying the Blue Star Service Flag?

The service flag is an indoor flag and should be flown facing out from the front window of the home or organization. If the U.S. flag is also displayed alongside the service flag, the U.S. flag should be of equal or greater proportions and should take the place of honor above the service flag. 

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