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Full Product Details of Our Sectional Flagpoles for Patio: 

Transform the front of your home or small business into a beacon of patriotism with our easy-to-assemble sectional flagpoles. Delivered straight to your doorstep using ground shipping, these flagpoles offer a grander and more prominent display for any 3'x5' flag than standard wall or porch mounts. Rated highly amongst customers, these flagpoles combine beauty with practicality.

  • Creates proud displays in areas with light winds 
  • For sale in three heights to match the size of your home: 15', 20', and 25' 
  • Comes in powder-coated white or polished satin 

Why Buy Carrot-Top's Sectional Flagpole? 

Our sectional flagpoles, also known as regal sectional flagpoles, are perfect for those seeking a blend of flexibility and convenience. Their lightweight design eliminates the need for freight shipping, making them a superb choice for residential or small commercial buildings. With heights of 15', 20', and 25', and finishes in either powder-coated white or polished satin, these flagpoles are designed to suit your property’s size and style. 


What Size Flagpole Should I Buy for My Home?  


Carrot-Top proudly offers our sectional flagpole, complementing virtually any home. Continue reading to learn which size flagpole is best for you and the accessories included in each kit.   

15' sectional flagpole 

Our 15' patio flagpole creates striking displays in front of single-story residences without overwhelming its surroundings. Each flagpole has four sections with a 2" pole diameter and can withstand up to 47mph winds unflagged. Pair these flagpoles with any 3’x5’ flag for optimal results. 

Purchase now and receive the following accessories: 

20' sectional flagpole 

Showcase your American pride to guests and neighbors with our easy-to-assemble 20' patio flagpoles, perfect for display in your yard, driveway, or any space in front of your house. 20' residential flagpoles add beauty and patriotism to any one- to two-story home and withstand winds up to 49 mph unflagged. 

Order now, and you will receive a 2" diameter flagpole with five sections, plus all the accessories you need to create your flag display today. The accessory package is identical to our 15’ patio sectional flagpole but with more halyard rope. 20’ flagpoles work best with 3’x5’ flags.  

25' sectional flagpole

Those in larger residences will find unmatched beauty in our 25' patio flagpole kit. This kit creates stand out flag displays in front of two to three-story buildings and includes durable accessories that match its larger size. Shipping in six sections with a total pole diameter of 2.5", these flagpoles can withstand wind speeds up to 54mph. 

Each 25’ patio flagpole kit comes with the following:

  • 3" gold aluminum flagpole topper 
  • 2.5" stationary truck 
  • 6" aluminum cleat 
  • 2.5" matching flash collar 
  • 18”x2.5” corrugated PVC ground sleeve 
  • Two nylon snap hooks 
  • 50' of white 1/4" halyard rope 

Use your 25’ flagpole with a 4’x6’ flag to showcase your American pride today! 

Explore Other Residential Flagpoles That Carrot-top Offers: 

Explore Carrot-Top's diverse range of residential flagpoles, including the adjustable 20' telescopic flagpole for customizable heights and a variety of traditional and wall-mounted options. Our American flag kit is specially designed for homes, ensuring you have everything needed to proudly display the stars and stripes. Check the complete list of residential flagpole sets and kits to find the ideal solution that complements your style and enhances your outdoor space. You'll find the perfect fit for your home, from traditional in-ground flagpoles to wall-mounted options. 


Don't Forget a Flag for Your Flagpole! 

A flagpole is only complete with a fitting flag. We recommend a 3'x5' flag for our 15' or 20' flagpoles, and a 4'x6' one for our 25' flagpoles. Consider our best-selling Beacon® Nylon U.S.A. Flag for an excellent all-weather flag that flutters gracefully in low winds. You can also purchase a state flag, military flag, or custom flag for a unique display today. Please contact our Flag Pros today for questions regarding our flags or flagpoles! 

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