Jointed Oak Mounting Flagpole Set

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Full Product Details of our Jointed Flagpole Set:

The perfect complement to our 8' Deluxe Indoor U.S. Flag Set, this jointed oak mounting set includes everything you need to display your BSA, custom, or any indoor flag. Its dazzling, high-quality components exude class and elegance, enhancing stages, courtrooms, and any official indoor space. Secure this indispensable addition for your venue now and elevate the sophistication of your presentations. 

  • Choice of a spear or eagle flagpole topper 
  • Elegantly displays any 3' x 5' indoor flag 
  • Features flag spreader to enhance your indoor presentation 
  • Creates proper indoor and parade flag displays 
  • Ideal for courtrooms, lobbies, stages, and other formal spaces 

Why Purchase Our Jointed Oak Mounting Set?


Our jointed oak mounting sets allow customers to display a custom flag indoors without having to source the individual flagpole component. Designed for spaces with ceilings 9' or higher, these kits not only add beauty and grandeur but also feature user-friendly assembly for displaying any 3' x 5' flag. Each flagpole is constructed out of oak to create a classic and traditional appearance. Moreover, the removable flagpole base enhances the set's versatility, allowing it to double as a parade flag. Click the links below to learn more about the individual components or to order replacement parts for an already purchased set.



Our jointed oak mounting sets will display your custom flag with steadfast elegance for years. Order now to experience Carrot-Top quality. 



Looking for an Alternate or Matching Flagpole Set?  


Carrot-Top is proud to carry an array of indoor flag sets that cater to every individual preference. If still unsure which set works best for you, please fill out our Contact Us Form for additional assistance from a Flag Pro. We are happy to help you shop!  


Deluxe Indoor U.S. Flag Set 


Celebrate your patriotism with the Deluxe Indoor U.S. Flag Set, a testament to American pride and craftsmanship. Available in two sizes, 3' x 5' and 4' x 6', it perfectly complements any indoor setting, with the 3' x 5' size designed to match our indoor jointed oak mounting set. This set includes high-quality components and features an elegant fringed American flag, ensuring your display is both dignified and beautiful. 


Brigadier™ Indoor Hardware Set 


Tailored to meet U.S. government specifications, the Brigadier™ Indoor Hardware Set is the ideal choice for government agencies or military organizations. Offering a level of quality and precision akin to our oak jointed mounting set, this hardware set ensures your flag display meets the strict requirements of the U.S. military with uncompromising elegance and respect. 


Oak Jointed Flagpole Set 


Designed to showcase any custom indoor or BSA flag elegantly, our oak jointed flagpole set offers a cost-effective solution. In this set, the floor stand and flagpole topper are made from durable ABS plastic instead of metal to lower the cost of the components. Achieve a lasting display of your flags, reflecting tradition and pride at a value. 


Majestic™ Telescoping Flagpole Sets 


Adaptability meets elegance in the Majestic™ Telescoping Flagpole Sets, perfect for spaces with varying ceiling heights. These sets smoothly adjust from 5' to 9', making them ideal for rooms with up to a 10' ceiling.  


Explore our full range of indoor flag sets today and find the perfect expression of pride and elegance for your space. From government specifications to versatile displays, our collections promise quality, durability, and beauty. Discover the ideal flag set for your needs now. 


Every Flagpole Needs a Flag! 


Indoor jointed oak mounting sets elegantly showcase any custom indoor flag. Custom indoor flags help showcase pride in your community and organization while enhancing your space. At Carrot-Top, we can create breathtaking indoor flags using any logo and design. Fill out the special instruction form today to order your custom flag. Boy Scout Troops can receive a flag matching the BSA's official specifications by purchasing a 3' x 5' nylon scouts fringed flag


Find Your Perfect Indoor Flag Set with Our Flag Pros 


Choosing the perfect indoor flag set that aligns with your needs and budget can be challenging. For those seeking additional guidance, our Flag Pros are here to assist. Simply reach out via our Contact Us Form. Boasting over 70 years of combined experience, they can match you with the ideal product to meet your specifications. We also invite you to explore our outdoor American flags, premier products designed to showcase your organization's patriotism and pride with unparalleled quality and durability. Find the perfect flag set for your space today and let us help you display your pride confidently. 

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