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Celebrating 40 Years In Business While Looking Towards Our Future

Carrot-Top Founder, Dwight Morris stepped into the flag industry in 1980 with a passion to build a company dedicated to serving its customers’ needs while providing the highest quality products. He established Carrot-Top as a mail-order company based out of his family’s home in Oak Park, Illinois. For the first seven years, Dwight grew the company’s reputation and filled every position needed to see it flourish.

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Announcing Our Spring 2020 Beacon® Scholarship For Rural America Winner!

Anthony Martino, from Penrose, N.C., is the recipient of the Spring 2020 Beacon® Scholarship for Rural America, a scholarship which was introduced by Carrot-Top Industries in 2018. We received applications from states across the country including Arizona, Arkansas, California, Idaho, Louisiana, North Carolina, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. Martino is a shining example of community patriotism that continues to thrive in rural towns today.

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Fly Your American Flag Correctly

Carrot-Top Industries enjoys providing guidance to others as they learn how to properly display their American flag. We have worked with government, military, educational, and business institutions for over three decades to ensure their flag displays are following proper flag etiquette, and the U.S. flag is getting the respect it deserves. As a reminder to everyone on how and when to fly your flag correctly, we have included a Flag Flying Guide below which you can download to use as a reference year-round. Save it, print it out, or share it on social media so we can all be certain our flag is presented in the best way possible.

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Proud To Support MuckFest MS

This MuckFest MS team was considering moving to a different type of Society fundraising event in 2020. But on the day they broke that news to Society staff, they received their MuckFest MS flag. It solidified their loyalty to MuckFest MS and secured their confirmation of returning in 2020!

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Announcing Our Fall 2019 Beacon® Scholarship For Rural America Winners!

The Fall 2019 Beacon® Scholarship for Rural America had the largest number of scholarship applicants since Carrot-Top Industries introduced the scholarship in 2018. We also received applications from a wider variety of states this time around including Alabama, California, Florida, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

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Carrot-Top Industries Transition: Keeping It In The Family

Carrot-Top Industries, Inc., a family-owned B2B direct marketer of patriotic, special event and custom-made products, announced Liz Morris will be appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President on August 1, 2019. Dwight Morris, Liz’s father and Founder of the company, will continue working at the company as an Advisor to the CEO. Moving forward, Dwight’s primary goal is to help ensure a seamless transition in leadership as Carrot-Top’s 32 employees provide high-quality products and service to commercial businesses and institutions as one of the largest independent flag dealers in America.

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Carrot-Top's Mission To Help Local And National Communities

At Carrot-Top Industries, our mission is to help support and bring communities together across the United States. We honor the American spirit by providing American-made products that build and promote patriotic, corporate, and individual pride while helping our customers enhance their permanent facilities and special events. Carrot-Top also feels it is important to assist community organizations as they raise money for and awareness of their special causes.

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Equity Resources, Inc.: Helping Families Achieve the American Dream of Owning a Home

Equity Resources, Inc. has helped people buy or refinance their homes since 1993. When Ed Rizor began Equity Resources, he had a vision that people deserved a mortgage company that thinks and acts like a service company, not a big bank or finance company. Since September 2001, part of their special customer service has been to give homeowners a Beacon® American Home Flag Set purchased from Carrot-Top Industries.

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How To Prove Your U.S. Flag Is American Made

Flag Day is June 14. To celebrate the American flag’s birthday (242 years old!), we wanted to share a checklist on how to ensure your U.S. flag is American made. In recent months, the Flag Manufacturers Association of America (FMAA) discovered several companies were selling American flags they falsely claimed were “Made in the U.S.A.” This is concerning to the FMAA since its members are “dedicated to educating the public on the quality of flags manufactured in the United States and raising awareness of the importance of American flags “Made in the U.S.A.”, as well as the proper use of our nation’s greatest symbol.”

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NC To Normandy: World War II History Comes To Life For Chapel Hill-Carrboro Students

Taking history class can be boring as you learn date after date and event after event for which you have no personal connection. But for six lucky Chapel Hill-Carrboro students, they have become friends with two WWII veterans and history doesn’t seem so distant anymore.

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Help Veterans Rebuild Their Lives During Military Appreciation Month

War changes you. You may not have experienced war but know someone who has. Some veterans can come back and form a new life even though they are forever changed. For others, it is more difficult.

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MS Research Donation By Carrot-Top Industries Makes A Positive Impact

Carrot-Top Industries’ continued success has allowed it to give back to the MS community through their annual donations to fund MS research. Carrot-Top’s latest donation of $70,000 to the National MS Society will help improve the lives of those living with MS. Dwight and Lynne Morris launched Carrot-Top out of their Oak Park, IL, home in 1980, six years after Lynne was diagnosed with MS. The Morris family worked hard to provide flags and patriotic products to communities across America, and in 1987, Carrot-Top and the Morris family relocated to Hillsborough, NC.

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