Bronze Veteran Grave Markers

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Full Products Details of our Bronze Veteran Grave Markers: 

When it's time to honor the hero in your life, our bronze veteran grave markers are a distinguished way to celebrate their service to our country. These grave markers are built from premium bronze and cast in detailed molds, producing a high-quality product made to last the test of time. Choose a bronze veteran grave marker that honors your loved ones' heroic acts of service so generations can remember their sacrifice and honor their legacy! Our bronze grave markers come with the following features.

  • Approximately six inches in diameter 
  • Equipped with supporting lugs to house a flagstaff measuring 3/8” in diameter 
  • Attaches easily to a cemetery flag, creating an ideal tribute to your hero 
  • Comes in over 15 emblems honoring several conflicts, wars, and deployments

What Veteran Grave Markers Do You Sell? 


We carry over a dozen of bronze veteran grave markers to commemorate the brave soldiers throughout American history. Our top sellers include the following:

Civil War Bronze Grave Markers 


This marker is cast as a five-pointed star representing the five military branches that fought in the Civil War. Each arm of the star features an icon that symbolizes historical branches of the military, including the infantry, cavalry, artillery, navy, and marines. Written in the center of the star are the start and end dates of the Civil War.  

You can also purchase a civil war grave marker for the Grand Army of the Republic, formed in 1866, as a way for Union veterans to support one another, preserve the memory of their fallen comrades, and advocate for veterans' rights. 


World War I Grave Markers 


This marker features a star circumscribed with a wreath. In the U.S. military, a wreath symbolizes honor, sacrifice, and remembrance of fallen service members. Since a wreath is circular, it represents the eternal nature of sacrifice made by those who have given their lives to serve our country. 


Korean War Bronze Grave Marker 

The Korean War grave marker uses a world map as a representation of the global impact of the conflict and the importance of international cooperation and support in defending freedom and democracy around the world. 


Vietnam War Bronze Grave Marker

Honor the approximately 2.7 million brave men and women who served in the Vietnam War with this gorgeous bronze grave marker or our special Vietnam veterans flag. 


Other popular veteran grave markers include U.S. War Veteran, U.S. Veteran, Afghanistan War, Indian War, Iraq War, Persian Gulf War, Revolutionary War, Confederate War, Mexican War, Spanish-American War, and the War of 1812. 


Why Should You Choose a Carrot-top Grave Marker for Your Loved One? 

  • Elegant and sophisticated appearance 
  • Easy to maintain 
  • An ideal way to pay tribute to a deceased U.S. military veteran 

Every grave marker includes a head and rod and can be displayed with our U.S. cemetery flags or Cemetery American Stick Flags Without Stitches . While we recommend the smaller size for standalone displays, the 12”x18” goes perfectly with our grave markers. To commemorate the brave soldier in your life, attach your veteran bronze grave marker to a cemetery flag and place it in front of your loved one’s gravestone to pay them tribute. You may insert your cemetery flags directly into the ground or use a cemetery flag holder. 


What Other Ways May I Pay Tribute to a Veteran or Fallen Soldier? 


Family members shopping with Carrot-Top Industries may choose from various medallions and insignias. In addition to our veteran grave markers, Carrot-Top sells POW/MIA grave markers and bronze military grave markers featuring different branches of services, including the Air Force, Coast Guard, Army, and more. Our cast bronze grave markers can stand alone or be paired with a bronze military insignia for the perfect tribute. We also carry grave markers in other sturdy materials like aluminum and plastic. See our grave markers category page for our complete collection.

Are you looking for other ways to pay tribute to your family member? Carrot-Top carries an unmatched selection of American flags and patriotic products. Our indoor flag display cases make excellent gifts and can be displayed for decades. Purchase with a cotton American flag for a stunning patriotic display. Other military and memorial products include more veterans flags, POW-MIA flags, and KIA flags. 


Carrot-Top: The Premier Provider of Patriotic Products 


Carrot-Top is one of the most trusted providers of American flags and has served large organizations for over 40 years. For further details about the bronze veteran grave markers or any other products, please fill out our contact us form. One of our Flag Pros will be happy to contact you! Visit our Beacon® nylon American flag to learn more about our top-selling U.S. flag! 

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